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sometimes i doubt your commitment to sparkle motion.

You are a miracle.
What I mean is
I love you.
What I mean is your hands
are a blast of truth from God.

Fictitious Dishes | Dinah Fried

Fictitious Dishes: An Album of Literature’s Most Memorable Meals is a book of 50 photographs of meals from literature—ranging from The Secret Garden to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, published by HarperCollins.

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Now I know how Angela felt the day she woke up and wasn’t all hung up on Jordan Catalano anymore

Artist: Coheed and Cambria
Album: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3
Track: The Camper Velourium II: Backend of Forever


I overheard that you were unhappy too
Misleading trust into a relationship that makes no sense
Over and out Connecticut
But you had your back turned there as you faded away
At the end of my day I found out
You weren’t worth what I thought of you
What I thought of you

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